When it comes to food, everyone has an opinion on what, when, why, and how to eat. Unfortunately, the advice around food has been shaped by diet culture and driven by the general publics’ overwhelming desire to be thin. The perceived need to follow food rules to “stay on track” or to “get started” has depleted the confidence needed to make guilt-free unrestricted food choices.

EmpoweRD to Nourish was created to guide individuals away from the mentality that keeps them in an ongoing cycle of yo-yo dieting. By using a Health at Every Size approach, weight loss is not the focal point. Instead, the goal is to help individuals develop habits that support a healthy lifestyle (ex: stress management, getting enough sleep, learning more about nutrition), and reshape their beliefs around food.

You will benefit from the non-diet approach to a healthy lifestyle if you identify with the following:

  • Looking to rebuild your relationship with food.
  • Constantly yo-yo dieting
  • Constantly placing foods in one of two categories: Good or Bad
  • Making food choices based around calories instead of what you want to eat
  • Feeling guilty after eating an item you deem as unhealthy
  • Constantly engaging in negative self-talk
  • Confused about food and nutrition
  • Realizing that you would prefer to focus on health, not weight loss
  • Wanting to focus on long-term lifestyle change instead of short term unrealistic goals