I can’t believe it’s 2020, the start of both a new year and decade. With this new beginning I’m sure many people are hitting those vision boards hard thinking about all of the goals to set for this year ( and possibly this decade). As exciting as this time may be for some it can also come with a bit of a sting for those who are thinking about their lack of success with goals they’ve set in previous years.

When it comes to resolutions researchers say that around 60% of people make them, yet only 8% are successful. One of the biggest problems with resolutions is that they are usually unrealistic goals set around what people believe they should be doing vs what they actually want to do or can do. To help you create resolutions that are long lasting, I have compiled a few tips to help you ease into these goals without feeling overwhelmed.



Setting a goal around what you think you should be doing may seem like the thing to do however, this is probably one of the fastest ways to fall off the wagon. If you know that you are unable to realistically make your goal a reality then it’s time to rework that goal.


  • Are you a very busy person?- if so, choosing a goal that is highly time consuming – like cooking every night is not realistic.However, focusing on planning/Prepping a few simple meals may seem less daunting.
  •  Hate working out? if so, setting a goal to hit the gym everyday is probably too ambitious— Start with focusing on finding an activity you enjoy (dancing, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, etc)  and engage in that activity a couple of times per week.



If you find it hard to stay the course when no one is watching, finding a way to stay accountable will make it much easier for you to stick to your goals long term. How to do this? 

  • Find a partner to help hold you accountable- a work-out buddy, social media wellness groups,etc. 
  • Monitor your own behavior – use apps to track your physical activity, water, food intake and more. Tracking this information is an easy way to monitor your process without having to rely on anyone else. 


When it comes to weight loss, often times the focus is just to drop pounds rapidly instead of building and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, when rapid weight loss is not paired with behavior change often times rebound weight gain occurs. To prevent this shifting your focus from weight to lifestyle and behavior change can yield amazing long lasting results.

Consider drinking more water, moving more, increasing your fiber intake, getting more sleep, keeping stress levels down, meal planning, etc. These are all important areas to focus on when you are striving to become a healthier person.


We all have days when we don’t make the best choices but that does not mean that you can’t make a better choice the next time you are able to ( next meal… next day ). Often times many feel that when they “mess up” that they should continue down this road because the poor decision has already messed up the day. until the next day or until the next week. 

  • Example: After a busy work week you find yourself going to a fast food restaurant for the evening. Instead of getting a salad you choose to get a burger and fries.After eating you feel like you have failed yourself and decide to start fresh on Monday. In this process, you completely disregard the fact that you still have two whole days to make good food choices. 
  • Example 2: You want to get started with a work out plan but you feel that it doesn’t make sense to start small and build up so you do nothing at all.These are common examples of the all or nothing mentality, if this is the way you think you really should try to work through this.    


Remember to make sure your goal is S.M.A.R.T- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. If your goals don’t fit this criteria go back to the drawing board and revamp your goal until it is smart. 

Yes yes yes. ..I get it, you want to get started because the year will be over before you know it. Though you may feel a strong sense of urgency to get going, you have to remember that haste makes waste so waiting to get started may be the best option to give you enough time to prepare for the journey you are getting ready to embark upon and be successful.

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