Trying to break away from yo-yo dieting is going to be impossible when you don’t have a clear understanding as to how you remain in the cycle. It begins with restriction either intended in the form of low-calorie meal plans or unintended by working through lunch or sleeping through breakfast. When you restrict, you set yourself up to engage in binge eating the minute you have access to food again. In most cases, feelings of shame and guilt set in after a binge because the foods you’ve consumed in excess are likely the foods you’ve vowed to avoid at all costs). The only way to break the cycle is to remove the restrictive mindset and start nourishing your body so that you don’t cycle between restriction and bingeing.

Old Way

New way 


Focusing on variety, balance, and food preference contributes to complete satisfaction at meals. When you are satisfied, you are less likely to have frequent cravings or engage in binge eating. Breaking free of restrictive habits will make it easier for you to develop a better relationship with food.

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