Most health professionals would agree that drinking plenty of water is necessary (for the general population*) as it plays a major role in supporting normal body functions. According to the Mayo Clinic, water helps the body by doing the following:

1) Protects organs and tissues
2) Removes toxins by flushing the kidneys and liver (TIP: Instead of putting yourself through liver cleanses/ detoxes just drink water 🙂 ).
3) Helps to regulate body temperature
4) Moistens tissues in the eyes, nose, and mouth ( if you have dry eyes or a dry mouth have a glass of water).

As we enter the summer months most people naturally start to drink more water, however, if you find yourself struggling with this. You will have to find other ways to stay hydrated.

Here are a few suggestions:

Other ways to take increase fluid:

Drink carbonated water

Freeze fruit into ice cubes

Add some juice to water

In colder months eat more soup

*Some conditions( Congestive Heart Failure, Kidney Failure) may limit the amount of water a person can consume in a day.

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