Are you looking to try a new approach toward managing your health that does not involve relying on the scale to measure success? 

So often we get caught up in trying to reach a specific (unrealistic) weight goal that we don’t consider the damage we may be doing as we work to get there. Despite the fact that research shows that most diets are destined to fail, many people still cannot resist the tempting nature of a plan that guarantees big results in little to no time. Unfortunately, the demanding nature of dieting is often not sustainable and the end result is usually one or more of the following.

  1. Weight re-gain
  2. Slowed metabolism
  3. Feelings of failure
  4. Fear of food
  5. The development of an all or nothing mentality
  6. yo-yo dieting

 This never-ending cycle often leads to frustration and a decrease in confidence as it relates to making food choices that support a healthy body ( regardless of size).

These packages were created to help you rethink your approach to nutrition and health. The goal is to get you off the yo-yo dieting train and rebuild your confidence around creating a healthy lifestyle free of restriction so that you feel empowered to make food choices without fear or guilt. 

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Jumpstart Package

Commitment Package

Lifestyle Package

Additional Information:

  • Before committing to a package you are entitled to a free information session: Click here to set that up
  • All nutrition packages must be used within a year of purchase. Digital products can be accessed at any time.
  • You can gift a nutrition package to another individual just make note of that when you purchase a package.
  • I do not accept insurance however, I can generate a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.